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Gift of Love - Pair of Sunglasses

Imagine if your eyes could never fully close. Tiny specks of dust and dirt could cause infection, irritation and blindness. That can never happen when leprosy damages the eye's nerve endings. Sunglasses are a simple but effective way to protect eyes and save sight. (11288) 

How does your Gift of Love work?  

4 simple steps that give practical gifts with remarkable life-changing effects for people affected by leprosy, poverty and disability, in desperate need. 

  1. Choose and purchase your Gift of Love.  
  2. Select a way to send your gift: posted card, print your own card, email or no card sent.   
  3. The donation goes towards the respective project in countries that needs it most - projects that you support in Timor Leste, Indonesia, India, Nigeria and Nepal -  
  4. Enjoy the feeling that your gift will improve the living standards of someone with leprosy overseas. It will not only touch their hearts, but will make a world of difference. 

        *All Gifts Of Love are tax deductible. 

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        Gift of Love - Pair of Sunglasses

        Gift of Love - Pair of Sunglasses - The Leprosy Mission Shop