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Our Certifications

World Fair Trade Organization

The World Fair Trade Organization is the global community and verifier of social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade. WFTO members, all exist to serve marginalised communities. To be a WFTO member, an enterprise or organization must demonstrate they put people and the planet first in everything they do.

By joining the WFTO, you are committing to:

- Providing fair wages and decent working conditions for your employees

- Ensuring your products have been made without child labour or forced labour

- Ensuring your products have been produced without causing environmental damage

- Ensuring that you pay a premium to producers so they can improve their livelihoods and invest in their communities

Fairtrade ANZ 

Fairtrade ANZ helps people achieve financial security & obtain more power at the negotiating table, making them less vulnerable to poverty.

Fairtrade’s work is about being fair to the planet too. We must recognise in the face of a changing climate & increased deforestation that sustainability & regeneration is key.

Fairtrade helps farmers, workers & their communities lift themselves out of poverty by providing better prices for their goods and services. Through Fairtrade, producers are able to invest in their businesses, earn a fair income and send their children to school.

Indigenous Art Code

The Indigenous Art Code (known as the Code) is a voluntary industry code of conduct administered by the Indigenous Art Code Ltd (IartC).

The Code is a set of rules and guidelines that dealers (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses) commit to following to ensure ethical practices and fair treatment of artists.

The Code aims to:

• Ensure that Indigenous artists are treated fairly when selling their work

• Ensure that Indigenous artists have control over how their work is sold and used

• Improve transparency for consumers about where art comes from, who made it and how much it costs

Australian Made

AMCL is not a government body and does not receive government funding for its core operations, which are licensing companies to use the logo and promoting Australian products both in Australia and overseas. In 2002, the Federal Government transferred ownership of the logo to AMCL via a Deed of Assignment and Management, which sets out strict conditions under which AMCL may administer the logo.

Good Weave

Good Weave International is an award-winning team of business-minded experts and advocates for social change dedicated to ending child labor, forced labor, and bonded labor in global supply chains. We are a global organization with locally-led and registered affiliates in South Asia, North America, and Europe.


The HAND IN HAND (HIH) label is a symbol of our commitment to ethical business practices and sustainable development. Every product with the HIH label has been carefully vetted by our team of experts, who have visited every single one of our partner sites in person to ensure the highest quality standards are met. 

Fairtrade Network UK

The BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK is a network of independent shops and suppliers dedicated to promoting Fair Trade retail in the UK.

BAFTS provides a structure of accountability to its members who adhere to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Their aim is to ensure that our members are selling products that are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner and provide a fair price for the producers.

Australian Certified Organic Standard

Australia is a developed country that currently does not regulate the use of the word “organic” in product labelling. However, major supermarkets and wholesalers require organic certification to validate organic product claims. So, while you currently may not be legally required to be certified to make organic claims, it is recommended.

Anti Slavery Statement

The Leprosy Mission Australia (TLMA) is not required to submit a statement but has chosen to do so voluntarily as doing so aligns with our organisational values.

TLMA believes our commitment to following Jesus Christ means that we do not want to see people trapped in slavery. We are also aware that modern slavery overwhelmingly impacts people who live in poverty. Many people affected by leprosy are economically disadvantaged and face a higher risk of ending up in slavery. As people living in the light of Jesus, and committed to serving people affected by leprosy, we want to be active participants in preventing slavery.

Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand

Fair Trade is a movement that empowers disadvantaged artisans, workers and farmers, especially in developing countries to create their own sustainable livelihoods through employment, regular income, improved working conditions and more direct access to markets.

The Fair Trade Association is a not-for-profit membership organisation comprising businesses and individuals who support the Fair Trade Vision. Our members work together with producer groups and communities in developing countries to ensure that Fair Trade is practiced wherever possible. We support fair wages for producers, transparency about how products are made and traded, environmental sustainability and worker health & safety.

As a peak body and regional network member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) supporting the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, they are part of the global Movement.

Australian Disability + Development Consortium

ADDC is an Australian-based, international network that focuses on disability issues in developing countries. The organization builds on a human rights platform to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.