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Nepal Leprosy Fellowship (Nepal)

The Nepal Leprosy Fellowship (NLF) is a non-government organisation founded by Eileen Lodge in 1996 and now run by a Nepali team.

NLF operates in the eastern tip of Nepal, supporting people affected by leprosy and disability to develop themselves physically, socially, mentally, financially and spiritually. NLF’s activities include community empowerment, awareness raising about the rights of people with disabilities, education, skill development and micro-enterprise activities.

The Leprosy Mission Australia works with NLF in two ways

  1. By partnering to create the unique handmade products you can buy through the Leprosy Mission Shop
  2. Bv implementing projects that benefit people affected by leprosy and disability.

NLF’s producers are especially skilled in hand crafting jewellery using locally sourced materials.

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