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Scallywags - Memories of a Rascals 1950s Childhood

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Do you ever think about how the roads you walked as a child change the doors that open in your future? In 1951, seven-year-old Peter Stockley's life was set down a dark path after losing his mother. Her legacy to him was an optimism and spirit that a vile stepmother could not break, and after an explosive confrontation, Peter set off on a new journey, via an orphanage, to his aunt and uncle's home in a tenement block by the North Liverpool docks: The Billogs. It was here he became one of 'The Scallywags', a group of streetwise young rascals who knew every inch of the canals, docklands and railway lines.

Disclaimer: This book contains explicit language. 

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Scallywags - Memories of a Rascals 1950s Childhood