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MESH (ArtisanIndia)

MESH is an Indian organisation that aims to provide opportunities for people affected by leprosy and people with disabilities to achieve social and economic integration through trade. MESH has a shop in New Delhi, and sources products from local producer groups across India. Some of these producer groups include:

Blue Mango Trust
Blue Mango Trust is a social enterprise for women in Tamil Nadu. Blue Mango’s objective is to run a sustainable business by and for marginalised women, including women living with a disability or with HIV/AIDS. By supporting women to gain financial stability and self-reliance it is hoped that because of Blue Mango, those who are stigmatised will find greater respect and support from their larger communities.

Hubli Rehabilitation and Training Unit
Attached to a hospital in south India, Hubli provides work for people with all kinds of disabilities, in sewing, block and screen printing, paper and wood carving.

Little Flower Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre
Little Flower is located on the border between India and Nepal, in the state of Bihar. Employees hand spin and dye silk yarn, and then weave it into scarves and throws. They also weave cotton fabric for scarves, shirts and towels. The centre provides vital employment for people who would otherwise struggle to find work because of their association with leprosy.