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Your shopping helps end leprosy for someone like Dalamar one gift at a time! (Impact)

Dalamar felt sick with worry as she waited in line at The Leprosy Mission clinic. She noticed discoloured patches of skin on her waist. She knew it was possible that she had leprosy, and knew she needed to get it checked as soon as possible. She wants to make sure her family is safe from getting it too. 


Dalamar’s work as a tea picker to support the family. Her quota is 23kg a day, but she works hard to try and pick 100kg, as she gets paid by weight. If she has leprosy, and doesn’t get treated in time, the muscles and nerves in her hands could get damaged. She may become unable to work, and her family could lose their main source of income. 


Image by Ruth Towell 


When Dalamar reached the front of the line, she showed the doctor the patches on her skin. The patches have already lost feeling for her. Her fears were confirmed; Dalamar was diagnosed with leprosy. 


She couldn’t understand why this was happening to her, and she was filled with fear. Dalamar just hoped that she would be able to have a happy life and realise her dream for the future. 


“My dreams are that my children may have good lives. That they may be happy and have good relationships with other people,” Dalamar said. “That’s the only thing that I want – their betterment. For my grandchildren, I dream that they may get educated and have a good job so that they can live a better quality of life than us.” 


“It will be okay,” the doctor told her. “We caught it early, and there is a cure.” 


The doctor gave Dalamar her first packet of monthly tablets — the Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT) that cures leprosy. Because she knew to come and get checked early, the leprosy had not progressed very far. Her hands and feet are less likely to lose feeling with access to tablets daily for 12 months. She may no longer not develop blindness or clawed fingers. 


Dalamar told us,


"As the disease was diagnosed early, and I got the treatment early, I can work and pick leaves in the garden. I can also play with my grandchildren." 


"Yes I feel bad about having leprosy but what can I do about it? The doctors know best and I need to follow their instructions. I am very happy that my disease is being cured. I am working for my family so I am very happy." 


Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as Dalamar. They don’t know what the patches on their skin mean. They might need to travel much farther to see a doctor who can diagnose them. They may not notice until the nerves in their hands, feet and face have started to be damaged. 


Image by Ruth Towell


That’s why you are so important to people like Dalamar. It’s because of Leprosy Mission supporters that these leprosy clinics can be run in countries all around the world. The Leprosy Mission can reach out and educate people to know what leprosy looks like — and how they can be cured. 


Thanks to support from shoppers like you, Dalamar was able to receive treatment.  


If Dalamar had not been diagnosed early, the result could have been devastating. She could have lost her job, her home and her dignity. She may have become unable to hold her grandchildren’s hands. Instead, Dalamar will finish her Multi-Drug Therapy MDT – the cure for leprosy, and have a community support group to help her care for her skin patches. She will be able to continue working. 


Dalamar is very thankful to people like you for giving her a new life. 


"Because of The Leprosy Mission my disease is diagnosed, I’m getting the medicines and I am happy." 


You can give someone else like Dalamar a Gift of Love Cure Package. Your gift will help other marginalised people from across the world. What wonderful thing you can do! 


Thank you for your loving kindness. 


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