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Your shopping can help realise Ratnakumari’s dream! (Impact)

18-year-old Ratnakumari’s life revolves around helping her mum. Her mum was diagnosed with leprosy, and it causes her a lot of pain. Ratnakumari does all the cooking and cleaning so that her mother can rest. She has to do everything, because her older sister works far away, and her younger sister is still in school.

Every month, she brings her mother to the Leprosy Mission hospital. Ratnakumari was deeply touched when she saw how well the nurses treated her mother. It stayed with her and grew into a dream — to be like the nurses at the Leprosy Mission.

But Ratnakumari’s dream has been going unrealised. Many of the colleges and training facilities are far away, and all have been much too expensive to afford.

“I can’t imagine going far to study, and leave my mother alone,” Ratnakumari says. “I have felt my mother’s pain, and seen how badly the society treats leprosy patients. In future if I become a nurse, I want to change this. Taking care of the patients with utmost love and compassion.”

Tragically too many young women struggle like Ratnakumari. Held back by the impact of leprosy on their lives. Your shopping can provide an opportunity to realise their dreams.

A Gift of Love can give a child of a leprosy-affected parent to make their dream career come true.

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