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Your love for handmade products restores lives like Anju and Rina's! (Impact)

Your love brings restoration to lives touched by leprosy!

Anju and Rina love to run round with their friends and play cooking games. In Bangladesh, young girls enjoy copying their mothers in their play. Some mothers in their community work casually at a tea plantation, but the rest of their time is spent at home caring for their families.

Both Rina and Anju were diagnosed with leprosy at a local ‘Skin Camp’. Their mothers were very worried. Particularly that leprosy would ruin their children’s dreams for their future. Rina wants to be a teacher and Anju wants to become a doctor. They want to help others.

(Image by Ruth Towell)

Fortunately, they were diagnosed early. Rina had discoloured skin patches but no muscle weakness. With a full course of Multi-Drug Therapy, the girls will be cured and are not likely to develop any permanent disability.

When you shop with The Leprosy Mission Australia, you are helping families like Anju’s and Rina’s to recover from the devastating effects of leprosy by bringing healing and hope for a better economic future.

Each handcrafted item you buy made by artisans in Bangladesh and beyond, supports dignified incomes in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Thank you for choosing to Shop to Stop Leprosy. God bless you.

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