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Your Care Helps People Like Amar Care For Themselves! (Impact)

When Amar’s wife died after falling off a roof, Amar lost everything.

Amar, from Nepal, had two young children, but he had no way to earn a living. Too poor, and too impaired by leprosy, a disease he didn't know he had, he made the heartbreaking choice to give them a chance at a better future in an orphanage.

Amar has not seen his children in 11 years.

The leprosy took an enormous toll on his body. He lost feeling in his hand due to nerve damage, and he burnt it while cooking. He bandaged it, but it didn’t heal; in addition, his hand began to claw.

His feet became ulcerated, he lost some of his toes, and suffered a left drop foot. The leprosy ulcers started to smell — badly — and the brother whom Amar was living with said he had to leave.

When his symptoms first started, Amar had gone to the health centre. At first, he was diagnosed with cancer and referred for specialist care. However, he could not afford to go and since he didn’t have money he decided not to return to the health centre.

It was not until a few years later that he came across a community health worker who gave him advice to get tested for leprosy. When he did so, it was positive and he was put on multi-drug therapy (MDT). He was given further advice to go to Anandaban hospital to care for his ulcers. There, his wounds were treated properly. He was given the knowledge and resources to properly care for his hands and feet. His body began to heal.

The caring hearts of people like you provided Amar with everything he needed to care for himself.

Your Gift of Love of a Self Care Pack gives somebody just like him the necessities for caring for their injuries. Daily self care is a must for people managing the effects of leprosy. Your care can help cleanse and protect them every day.

Amar has now had reconstructive surgery on his foot, and no longer struggles to walk. He will soon be able to have surgery on his hands as well.

(Social Enterprise manager Supa Thejan visiting Amar in Nepal)

Now he is hopeful for the future — and it shows in his eyes when he talks about seeing his children again. When he is recovered, Amar wants to start a chicken farm, so he can take care of them as a family once again.

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