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You can help protect girls like Urmila (Impact)

When Urmila was 11, she was diagnosed with leprosy. She felt devastated.

It attacked the nerves in her hands and feet. It stole away her ability to feel with them. She didn’t notice when sharp stones ripped through her shoes, and tore her skin. These cuts soon became infected and ulcerated.

Urmila could barely walk. Her foot had an ulcer that just wouldn’t go away. She spent months in hospital, and fell even further behind in school.

Can you imagine how different it might have been, if Urmila had protective shoes to keep her feet safe? If she had been protected from those sharp rocks and not developed those horrible ulcers?

Your Gift of Love can protect vulnerable feet. Or you can give a walking aid, to help the recovery process for people like Urmila.

Urmila has spent a month at Anandaban, and now the wounds on her feet are healing. She is looking forward to being discharged. It’s people like you that get people like Urmila back up on their feet!

Thank you for choosing to Shop to Stop Leprosy. Your gifts transforms lives.

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