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The Trinity of Fair Trade Support (Fair TradeGift Ideas)


We’ll tell you what you need to know about Fair Trade in few short paragraphs. That will explain why you should purchase Fairtrade, support Fair trade and follow the principles of Fair Trade.

Yes, there’s a difference in meaning. We want to help you make a difference, not once, not twice, but Three times.

What is Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a movement that recognises the importance of trade justice across the world. The Leprosy Mission Australia is a Fair Trade organisation collaborating with Fair trade manufacturing companies. These companies employ people affected by leprosy and disabilities to create handmade artisanal items, worker-made items or sustainably grown produce.

A Fair Trade environment enables artisans, workers and farmers to receive just payments and to work within a supportive systems that promotes a people-centric approach. This means that the pay is fair for all people involved, child labour is never used and work-safety is assured.

When you purchase a Fairtrade product you support trade justice.


What’s the difference between Fair Trade, Fair trade & Fairtrade?

We know that these terms can be confusing. Here’s a quick overview of their meaning:

  1. Fair Trade – the Fair Trade movement as a whole, and organisations that follow 10 Principles of Fair Trade, like The Leprosy Mission Australia.
  2. Fair trade – businesses selling manufactured and artisan made products, like New SADLE, Lanka Kade and many more mentioned below.
  3. Fairtrade (one word) – primary products including tea and coffee.

How Your Help is Tripled

There is a trinity in Fair Trade. By purchasing Fairtrade items from our shop, you achieve three things:

  • Support Fair Trade movement – simply by getting involved
  • Support Artisans, Workers and Farmers – % of what you pay goes to them
  • Support The Leprosy Mission Australia – % of what you pay goes to fund our projects



When you support us and people affected by leprosy and disability by purchasing Fairtrade products, you become a part of an entire movement.

The world needs The Trinity and the trinity of Fair Trade.

Thank you for shopping to stop leprosy!

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 *Clover Photo by Allec Gomes on Unsplash; Flower Photo by Elena G on Unsplash.