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The Hands That Produce Handmade (Fair TradeGift IdeasIndiaNepalSri Lanka)

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What are Handmade products and who's making them?

We are proud of our producer-made items. Artisans who work in workshops across the world, create these amazing products for you.

But how do they do it? What techniques do they use and what this means to them and their livelihood? In this article, you will get all those questions answered.

What is Handmade?

When we mark an item as handmade in our online shop or our catalogues, this means the item was crafted either by talented artisans working in one of many producer workshops across the world, or it was handmade in Australia by local creators.

Handmade products range from Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, children’s toys, fashion items, food and more. Most of these products are made in workshops like New SADLE in Nepal, Gospel House Handicrafts in Sri Lanka, or MESH in India.

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Having these production workshops available to people affected by leprosy, disabilities or otherwise marginalised within their communities, means that they can earn a dignified income. Many families depend on people working to create these unique items. This means that each time you buy one of the handmade and Fair trade products, you support entire families and artisans!


Producers and Products

New SADLE producers are working on items like these gorgeous Batik Christmas cards. You can see how the cards and other items are created in our video below!




Gospel House Handicrafts are creating the joyful puzzle toys, like brand new Elephant Puzzle Toy. Gospel House uses albizia wood to produce unique and beautiful toys for kids.

MESH works to support producers through their shop in New Delhi. They sell items like the ethical Net Fruit and Veggie Bag.

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The Leprosy Mission Shop collaborates not only with producers around the globe, but also with local Australian creators.

Items handmade in Australia includes Liberty Print range of products, made from exclusive Tana Lawn fabric. There’s also the Oriental Garden range of scented items to freshen up your space.

Australian producers all get a portion of the proceeds from our buys, so you can support Australian made!

This is why buying handmade and Fair trade products form The Leprosy Mission Shop is so vital. You can get an amazing product and help support people around the world.


Thank you for shopping to stop leprosy!