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Thank you for the joy you bring to women living in leprosy communities (Artisan)

Your compassion creates champions like Sunitha.

Sunitha has been living in a leprosy community in India all her life. Both of Sunitha’s parents had leprosy and she still lives with them. Her husband abandoned her many years ago leaving Sunitha to raise their children on her own.

Sunitha was unable to complete high school but has trained in handloom weaving and leather technology through her leprosy community association. The piece items and bags she makes are sold for you to buy!

Sunitha has supported her daughters through high school and higher studies. One of them is now a beautician, the other, a nurse. Sunitha has become a skilled weaver and bag maker and it’s all thanks to the kindness of people like you!

Recently, Sunitha was selected for training as a community organiser. She now helps other women gain skills and create bags. She has already conducted training for 40 women.

 “I look forward to giving leadership to the women who are engaged in weaving and bag making ,“  Sunitha told us.

Sunitha has been able to do all this thanks to kind people like you buying handmade items. Now she's sowing into the lives of other women and their families.

Thank you for supporting fair trade. You are enabling artisans like Sunitha to earn a dignified living.

God bless you!

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