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What your compassion has done: Independence instead of indignity

When you shop with The Leprosy Mission Australia, you help disadvantaged people like Samjhana to be self-sufficient. It means so much to her that you care... nobody should have to suffer the indignity of being left with no livelihood.

Because when you are struggling with poverty, disability or leprosy, many doors close to you. If you’re a child, you may not finish school due to stigma. If you’re an adult, losing sensation in your limbs may lead to permanent damage, limiting your ability to work for an income. If you have children, they may suffer ostracism through association with you. This limits their options in future too.

That’s where products like these felt bookmarks (pictured) come in. When you buy them from The Leprosy Mission Shop, you support artisans like Samjhana in Nepal.

Samjhana knew nothing about crafting but was determined to do something to give her daughters a better education. She learned felting, matting and stitching. Now she makes beautiful handcrafts for sale.

Earning a living not only helps her to pay for the family’s food and other needs, it has also has greatly improved her sense of self-worth.

From no source of income to making a real financial contribution to her household, today Samjhana is so much more self-confident. Thanks to supporters like you, she can easily provide food and pay for her daughters’ education.