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Self-confidence through Work - Shanti (ArtisanFair TradeNepal)

Shanti’s Story


Shanti, now 46, came from a remote village and was forced to marry at the age of 13.

Shanti’s husband went overseas to work but didn’t earn enough money to send to his family. Because Shanti had left school when she got married, she didn’t have any skills to earn an income. She struggled to educate her two sons and had to live with her parents for a long time. Thankfully, Shanti began working at Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT) nine years ago. There, she’s learned a variety of skills to make different fabric and leather bags. Shanti now makes beautiful bags and wallets for shoppers and supporters to enjoy. They are available to buy through The Leprosy Mission Australia Shop!


After working at NLT for a while, Shanti was able to afford to move out of her parents’ house and into a rental room of her own. Shanti has gained self-confidence in her job and is happy to earn money for her family. The salary from NLT has eased the financial pressures on their lives. NLT pays her fair wages, her children’s education fees and provides other financial allowances for festivals, medical expenses and more! Today her sons are 15 and 13 and both are studying. Her husband has also returned.

Shanti is thankful to NLT for giving her an opportunity to improve her lifestyle and the life of her family. She is pleased to be able to produce beautiful handmade bags and leather goods for Australians to purchase.

Thank you for helping women like Shanti through your shopping. By buying gifts for your friends and family you are helping struggling families in Nepal improve their lives.

Thanks to people like you, disadvantaged women in Nepal like Shanti can earn a fair wage and support their families.