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Your shopping helps Sabita care for her family!

Sabita works hard, hand-stitching textiles to earn money for her family. Her husband used to work in another country but came back to Nepal for his family. He has struggled to find work since then, so they take care of their 10-year-old son with just one income. They saved up money and took out a loan to buy a taxi. Now Sabita’s husband could work! But then — COVID lockdowns hit.

A caring mother wants to do anything she can to help her family — but sometimes, it’s hard to see what she can do.

As the lockdown stretched on, Sabita became more and more worried. Her husband could not drive his taxi, and they had put so much of their money into it. Would they be able to afford rent? Or repayments on their loan? Could they even afford enough food?

But Sabita was able to find help for her family — through her job as an artisan.

Thanks to people like you who buy her handmade products, Sabita was able to get the financial support her family needed.

Since lockdowns ended, Sabita is working and confidently supporting her family. She feels glad knowing that her hand-stitched products are being sold in other countries. Sabita says she feels motivated to learn and do more when people overseas like the things she makes!

When you shop our range of hand-made products, you are helping to empower women like Sabita!

You help mothers like her care for their families. Sabita feels proud knowing that people overseas love the things she makes. Things like a striped notebook — hand woven by Sabita and her coworkers, that you can buy!

Your shopping can help provide a sense of pride and dignity!

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