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The Leprosy Mission Australia has 7 internationally recognised certifications. Each is unique and offers reliable proof of our practices. Here we present explanation for each of them.

Note: Not all of our products have these certifications, but we are proud of all that do have them and we are working hard to ensure that most of our products are certified.


Fair Trade Certification

This symbol represents recognised Fair Trade worldwide. Fair Trade is an organisation that works with farmers and producers to ensure that they receive equitable income from their products. The organisation is cooperative, and belongs to the 1.7 million farmers and producers who are a part of to the Fair Trade Organisation. 

For farmers and producers this label means that:

  1. Prices are set at a minimum level, and do not go below the cost of growing their produce.
  2. The payment of a FairTrade premium beyond payment for their product is given to the community to build resiliency and increase capabilities.
  3. A ban on all discrimination on employment.
  4. No child labour.
  5. No forced labour.
  6. Financial advance at harvest time to reduce financial stress.

The result of these precepts is a growing confidence amongst the member farmers that allows them to not only survive, but to thrive.


World Fair Trade Organization

The World Fair Trade Organisation is the global community and verifier of social enterprises that fully practice Fair Trade.

The World Fair Trade Organisation focuses on both social enterprise and Fair Trade. Its Guarantee System is the only international verification model focused on social enterprises that put the interests of workers, farmers and artisans first.

Through peer-reviews and independent audits, WFTO verifies members are mission-led enterprises fully practicing the 10 Principles of Fair Trade across their business and supply chains. Once verified, all members have free use of the WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade product label.




GoodWeave is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi. It is the leading global institution with a mission to stop child labour in global supply chains through a market-based holistic and authentic system.

Licensed producers must meet the requirements of the GoodWeave Standard that is rooted in three principles:

  1. No child labor is allowed
  2. No forced or bonded labor is allowed
  3. Workplace conditions are documented and verifiable

GoodWeave makes regular, unannounced inspections of all production facilities that cover tier one factories and all outsourced production, including homes, to verify compliance with this Standard.

 These producers also undergo a separate annual audit to document their performance against the Standard’s following progress principles:

  1. Freedom of association and collective bargaining are recognized
  2. No discrimination is practiced
  3. Decent working conditions are respected, including workplace safety and health, wages, working hours, and disciplinary practices
  4. Negative environmental impacts of production are identified and minimized


Australian Made

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), a not-for-profit public company established in 1999 by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) and the network of state and territory chambers of commerce, with the cooperation of the Federal Government.

The famous Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It is Australia's most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and is underpinned by a third-party accreditation system, which ensures products that carry the logo are certified as 'genuinely Australian'.

As a registered certification trademark, the AMAG logo can only be used on products that are registered with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL), and which meet the criteria set out in the Australian Consumer Law and the AMAG Logo Code of Practice.

For more than 30 years, the AMAG logo has helped thousands of brands communicate their Australian credentials to consumers, businesses and all levels of government. It does this instantly and clearly, making it a powerful sales and marketing asset for authentic Aussie brands, and a helpful shopping aid for consumers around the globe.


BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK

BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK is a network of independent shops and suppliers dedicated to promoting Fair Trade retail in the UK. BAFTS provides a structure of accountability to its members who adhere to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

BAFTS works with UK-based independent shops and suppliers who partner with disadvantaged producer groups. BAFTS offers a way that they can have their commitment to Fair Trade recognised and be a part of the wider Fair Trade movement and community. Membership is determined by peer-to-peer assessment which takes place annually and ensures that members can provide evidence of their fulfilment of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.


The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (Fair Trade Association)

The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (Fair Trade Association)is the regional representative body for the Fair Trade Movement. It works with businesses, community groups, and individuals to alleviate poverty amongst producers, their families and communities through sustainable fair trade practice by:

  1. Being the authentic voice of fair trade and a guardian of the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, committed to tackling poverty and injustice through trade
  2. Delivering market access of fair trade products and services through co-ordination and support in campaigning, education, policy, advocacy, endorsement and monitoring.
  3. Bringing together all parties interested in fair trade in a citizen’s movement for change
  4. Being recognised as the Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific’s leading authority on fair trade.


Supply Nation

Since 2009, Supply Nation has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses along with procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to help shape today’s emerging and rapidly evolving Indigenous business sector.

Supply Nation’s world-leading 5-step verification process provides peace of mind by ensuring that all businesses listed on Australia’s largest national directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, Indigenous Business Direct, are not only Indigenous owned but are also regularly audited for changes in company structure and ownership.

In addition, Supply Nation receives daily updates from ASIC regarding any changes to business ownership which allows us to conduct real-time audits. This reinforces the integrity and accuracy of Indigenous businesses listed on Indigenous Business Direct

Supply Nation partners with its paid membership of government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations to develop procurement policies that modify and redirect spend to include the traditionally underutilised Indigenous business sector.

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