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Another Childhood Threatened By Leprosy: Yahrah Needs Your Help (Gift of Love)

Every half hour another child is diagnosed with leprosy. Your shopping allows them to gain access to medicine, treatment and education. Children affected by leprosy face discrimination and exclusion from a very early age. The World Health Organisation 2021-2030 is calling for Zero Leprosy Road Maps in all endemic countries to reduce transmission, detect and treat cases early, and avert permanent disability, especially among children.

 Yahrah's Story

There is something so horribly shocking about a child with leprosy. Yahrah was only 4 years old when her mum first noticed a patch on her skin.

“My mum thought it was a mild skin infection at first and treated me with local herbs. As the years went by the patches increased, and I felt no sensation in them,” Yahrah said.

Leprosy is a cruel and heartless disease. It takes no account of the age of its victim, and it attacks even the youngest, most innocent child. Without treatment, her condition will worsen… and Yahrah could face permanent disability. Without your help, she could face the danger of having her childhood stolen from her by leprosy.

The sad thing is the disease is only mildly contagious and curable… but Yahrah lives in adverse conditions that encourage the spread of leprosy.

It is so desperately unfair and unjust! But, your Gift of Love can transform the lives of children like Yahrah from Nigeria. 

How does it work?Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love are practical gifts such as a goat, a school kit, a pair of protective shoes or even a toilet. They have a remarkable life-changing effect for people affected by leprosy and disability who are often in desperate need. Your support will make a world of difference. 

Leprosy Facts

Thank you for shopping to stop leprosy! 

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