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5 Unique Gift Ideas For Any Occasion (Fair TradeGift Ideas)

5 unique gift ideas 

While finding that perfect gift for your friends and family is fun and fulfilling, getting there can sometimes cause a headache. Especially If you’ve already exhausted your options for the year.

The Leprosy Mission Shop aims to offer unique gifts you can order easily. You can make your loved ones happy and you can help support people affected by leprosy and disability as well as people who live in marginalized communities. Now that is truly special!

The Leprosy Mission Shop has a lot to offer, and here are 5 unique gift ideas for any occasion.

1. Chocolates & Coffee

Show your appreciation for a sweet-tooth among your family and friends. Shop for an indulgent pamper for someone who 'has it all'. 

Here’s an idea – Milk Chocolate Speckles. Made in Australia with ethically sourced cacao beans. Covered in colourful speckles!

Photo shows speckles on a block of chocolate being cut.

Pair this luxury dark choc with a Wattleseed Infused Coffee. Enticing taste of earth in a morning brew! Truly unique gift for any coffee lover.

By purchasing this coffee you support a local Indigenous business.

Wattleseed Infused Coffee

2. Handmade Homewares

Are you looking for a special housewarming present? We have a wide range of homeware products just for this occasion.

Gift a handmade pair of coasters with a message of hope engraved into high quality olive wood made in Bethlehem.

Olive Wood pair of coasters

For a more colourful approach, Angel Suncatcher Chimes are a perfect decoration for a new home. Fair trade and handmade, this gift will bring out a smile!

Angel Suncatcher with chimes

3. Toys

It can be hard to shop for kids with so many options and the Internet taking all the attention away. Many of our toys are educational and inspire logical thinking and problem-solving skills!

We suggest the Minibeast Block Puzzle to entice young minds. With cute animal pictures to complete, kids will have fun arranging the blocks while improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Minibeasts block puzzle


For older kids, get the Ultimate Atlas Puzzle & Book Set – Inventions. This set helps children learn facts about discoveries that changed history!

Atlas and puzzle set Inventions

4. Greeting Cards

If you already have a gift ready to go, but you need the perfect card to write your wishes, we suggest:

Birthday Blessings Cards with 4 exclusive designs so you can add them to four unique gifts. You can also use these for other occasions!

Birthday Blessings Cards Pack of 4

For a truly special card, look no further than Awesome Birthday Pop-Up Card! This birthday-specific card pops up for a fun 3D effect.

Awesome birthday pop up card

5. Gifts of Love

Has anyone told you recently: ‘Please, don’t buy me anything’? We have a perfect gift for someone like that. A life-changing gift of love! Warm their hearts knowing your gift helped someone in need.

For people who don’t need gifts, give them something uniquely memorable. Donate a Gift of Love in their name and send a card as proof. This donation will directly help a person in need!

Gift of Love – Goat

One goat can provide much needed milk and cheese for a family. With two or more goats and training in animal husbandry, a family can have a sustainable income.

Gift of Love Goat

Gift of Love – Pair of Glasses

Your Gift of Love gives the gift of clear vision to a person affected by leprosy or disability. Prescription glasses will improve their sight and, also help protect eyes from damage. 

Gift of Love Pair of Glasses

How Gifts of Love work:

How gifts of love work


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