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Thanks to you Tirtha learned to sew and it changed her life completely (Artisan)

Your warm heart gives a hand up to artisans like Tirtha.

Tirtha was a really shy, timid woman. She and her husband are both hearing impaired and non-verbal. This has impacted her confidence, but she has worked hard to raise her two children. Both are excelling in school, and she is very proud. Her husband works, but his income was not enough to take care of their family. 


Even though she had no handicraft skills, and felt very nervous, Tirtha came to work at Manushi (Bangladesh) because she wanted to learn. Manushi were inviting and gave Tirtha the chance to do so. She was taught how to sew, and after learning and working together with other women, she has gained a new sense of confidence.



Tirtha’s new job has given her family security. She is able to pay for her children to attend a boarding school, and her income helps pay their expenses. 

Thanks to kind people like you, Tirtha has been able to support herself and her family.

When you buy from The Leprosy Mission, you are helping to empower women just like Tirtha. Your shopping helps provide training in skills and enables disadvantaged women to access a dignified income.  


Now Tirtha is self-sufficient and can take care of her family. She has become confident, and active in her family’s decision making. She is excited to take part in other activities now and has developed a keen interest in women’s rights. Learning to sew really changed Tirtha’s life so much! 


Thank you for supporting fair trade. Buying beautiful gifts made by artisans like Tirtha is transforming lives. Many are living with leprosy, disability and poverty.


God bless you!