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Artisans like Nanu can make a living because of you (Artisan)

Your shopping transforms artisan lives! 

Nanu was just 12 years old when she learned that she had leprosy. Her brother Tek noticed the red marks on her body, and he took her to The Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. He had leprosy before, so he recognised the signs. Nanu was able to be treated before she developed any deformity, but the nerves in her fingers are damaged to the point she has lost feeling or her fingers are numb. 

Before she contracted leprosy, Nanu already liked weaving. She is very skilled with her hands, despite the nerve damage she developed. As she healed and got older, Tek introduced her to New SADLE, where he worked, and she started to work as a weaver there. 

Your shopping helps support people like Tek and Nanu earn a dignified and stable income. Nanu now has a daughter, who attends a school run by New SADLE. Your shopping helps her education, too! 

Nanu is happy that she gets to do something she enjoys, and is glad she can work for New SADLE. She is so thankful that she has this opportunity.

Thank you for your generosity when buying handmade gifts from the shop. You are helping transform the lives of many people living with leprosy around the world.

God bless you!

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