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Water Based Hair Pomade

This unorthodox aloe-based pomade is a versatile hair-styling product. It provides a firm hold and natural shine that will withstand heat and humidity and can be styled with fine comb lines or you can finger-comb your hair to provide a more natural, textured style. It is a non-greasy product and doesn’t harden up in your hair like orthodox water-based or gel-type pomades. The formula includes natural butters, oils, minerals and aloe vera juice to give a great foundation for your hair to feel healthy and nourished all day long! For a firm hold with a natural to matte finish. Scent is a Bursts of sweet citrus with a unique woody note of Australian blue cypress. Comes in an amber glass jar.

  • Size: 114gram.


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Water Based Hair Pomade

Water Based Hair Pomade - The Leprosy Mission Shop