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Biodegradable Waterproof Paper Pot - Medium

Waterproof paper pottery is made from recycled paper and natural latex rubber -plastic free and biodegradable. Can be used as a vase or a pot. Completely waterproof on the inside so you can pour water straight in. Paper pottery is waterproof, unbreakable, light weight, plastic-free and beautifully versatile. This whitewash design has an embossed line pattern created from recycled paper. Using paper offcuts from production of paper pottery to create their own handmade embossed paper designs ensures no excess waste is created. Handmade in Sri Lanka. Sizes may vary slightly Measurements 15x15.5cm ( 13232)
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Biodegradable Waterproof Paper Pot - Medium

Biodegradable Waterproof Paper Pot - Medium - The Leprosy Mission Australia Shop

Based in Kathmandu, New SADLE is a not-for-profit organisation that helps rehabilitate people affected by leprosy. New SADLE provides training and employment to socially disadvantaged artisans, many of whom are affected by leprosy, polio and disabilities. The handicraft skills that artisans learn expands their opportunities for sustainable employment. New SADLE provides free medical services and help to its artisans, by operating a nursery, medical centre, two mobile health clinics, and two homes for people in need. New SADLE is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

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