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Gift of Love - Reconstructive Surgery (Donation)

Clawed hand and foot drop are leprosy-caused disabilities which can be corrected. However, not all surgeons and hospitals have the skill to provide surgery to cure this.  This gift will ensure a patient with this surgery to enable them to move their fingers and grip again or to use their feet and walk! (12652) 

How does your Gift of Love work?  

4 simple steps that give practical gifts with remarkable life-changing effects for people affected by leprosy, poverty and disability, in desperate need. 

  1. Choose and purchase your Gift of Love.  
  2. Select a way to send your gift: posted card, print your own card, email or no card sent.   
  3. The donation goes towards the respective project in countries that needs it most - projects that you support in Timor Leste, Indonesia, India, Nigeria and Nepal -  
  4. Enjoy the feeling that your gift will improve the living standards of someone with leprosy overseas. It will not only touch their hearts, but will make a world of difference. 

        *All Gifts Of Love are tax deductible. 

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        Gift of Love - Reconstructive Surgery (Donation)

        Gift of Love - Reconstructive Surgery* - The Leprosy Mission Australia Shop