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Black Leather Wallet

Stylish leather billfold wallet with contrasting white stitching supplied by Nepal Leprosy Trust. (11828) • Measures 9.5 x 12.5cm • Fair Trade • Exclusive to The Leprosy Mission
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Black Leather Wallet

Black Leather Wallet - The Leprosy Mission Australia Shop

Nepal Leprosy Trust (NLT) provides services to people affected by leprosy in Nepal. NLT has worked for over 42 years in Nepal, partnering with the government and other organisations to provide medical treatment, social education and village development projects.NLT built and operates the only major leprosy services centre in southeast Nepal, where the prevalence of leprosy is among the highest in the country.In addition to this, NLT has a workshop in Kathmandu that produces high quality products using leather, cloth,...

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