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Students like Parvarti thank you for helping them find love and acceptance despite leprosy. Consider a Gift of Love or donation with every purchase. 

“I would never wish leprosy on anybody, but especially as a girl.  It impacts your marriage prospects and how people look at you. When I first found out I had leprosy, I was scared. I knew about the stigma. When I first told my friends, they made fun of me and teased me.


After treatment through The Leprosy Mission, my friends saw me recover and were happy for me.




I am part of the sewing technology traineeship at The Leprosy Mission Vocational Training Centre (VTC). I am interested in fashion design and would like to run my own business one day. My classmates are very loving and accepting. I am very close to my friends here.


I just got married to a man who accepts me as I am. As a woman in India, I am expected to cook for all my family and relatives. But when I wake up, I catch the bus and go to class!”


After my training, I can earn some money to support my family and fulfil my own needs.”

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