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Support & Love Amid COVID-19 (Fair TradeGift of LoveNigeria)

Town criers used to promote COVID-Safe messages.

When mainstream media can’t reach everyone, what do you do? Especially when people need to hear COVID health and safety messages?

You use a town crier... on a donkey!

In parts of Nigeria, no electricity means no television. And in very remote areas, the use of mobiles is limited. Even if you have one, you can’t read text messages if

you’re illiterate. So all public health messages must be in audio format.

That’s why the town crier used a donkey to travel through remote villages. He used a megaphone to broadcast information about COVID, explaining why people should wear masks, use hand sanitiser and social distance.

Thank you for your generosity, which makes it possible to get the message out about COVID-safe practices.

Now they can walk... thank you for your kindness!

What a joy it was to see the presentation of prosthetic limbs to people affected by leprosy! Some legs came complete with shoes... these are your gifts in action.

Untreated leprosy so often leads to ulcerated wounds. In the worst cases, legs must be amputated. For children, this means missing school, helping with chores and playing with friends. For adults, this means loss of livelihood.

But when you buy a Gift of Love like a

Prosthetic Leg, you transform a life. Your compassion means someone can walk again, complete education, go to work, and join social gatherings they were previously excluded from.

There’s nothing like seeing the delight on someone’s face when their new leg is fitted... and they stand up and walk! God bless you for this precious gift.

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