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Double devastation: COVID and Cyclone (COVIDCycloneTimor Leste)

Double devastation: COVID and Cyclone. Your kind support delivered crisis relief... and saved lives this year.

A big thank you from Timor Leste, especially those affected by leprosy and disability.

Timor Leste had already suffered its share of COVID casualties. Then Cyclone Seroja hit, causing extreme floods that wiped out many homes and livelihoods. People were left without clean water and food... putting their lives at risk.

Your kindness and generosity has provided clean water and essential supplies to so many in crisis. Delivering supplies was a big challenge, especially while trying to maintain COVID hygiene practices. Field staff went above and beyond - some supplies were even delivered by boat

The people of Timor Leste say, “Obrigado!” for these COVID heroes... and thanks to YOU

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