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Dilshad Now Supports Her Son (Fair TradeIndia)

Dilshad can support her son... thanks to people like you!

Dilshad can’t use her left hand at all. Her right hand is a clump of “melted” bone, flesh and scarred skin. She can only move the index and middle finger.

But it’s enough to create the most beautiful precision crafts. She’s one of the best hand painters at Hubli Hospital’s Rehabilitation and Training Unit in India. She executes wooden block textile prints to perfection – literally single-handedly. And it’s amazing to watch her doing tailoring work.

Because of the compassionate heart of people like you, Dilshad has been able to learn these skills. She now earns enough to pay for food and rent and send her young son to school.

But how did Dilshad end up with such disabled hands? In her former life, she had an arranged marriage and had one son. Her in-laws were unhappy when Dilshad refused to ask her father for money.

So one day, as Dilshad was making tea over a fire, her mother-in-law crept up behind her. She threw kerosene over Dilshad... the flames roared and engulfed her. This attack left her with severe burns to her face and hands.

“In the aftermath of what happened to me, I was so confused. I didn’t know how to start afresh, how to take care of my child. You kindled new hopes in my shattered life and gave it a new meaning.”

Thank you so much for making it possible for artisans like Dilshad to earn a living. You’re such a blessing to so many just like her.

Through your kindness and support, your family and friends can receive lovely gifts AND you also help people like Dilshad to support themselves and their families!

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