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Anandaban Hospital Update - Dipak COVID Ambulance Driver (Nepal)

Anandaban is on the frontline not only of treating leprosy but also as a government-designated COVID centre. Through your healing gifts, you have stood with hospital staff and patients throughout the pandemic.

Here’s a report from Dipak, now cured from leprosy, who works as an ambulance driver for Anandaban.

“I got the privilege during the pandemic of COVID-19 to provide transportation service to those who were in desperate need. During the initial phase of lockdown in Nepal, drivers were also very afraid  of carrying the COVID patients and some even refused to let them come inside their vehicles.”

With his history of leprosy, Dipak has such a heart for anyone who suffers stigma – whether it’s leprosy or COVID. “Being an ambulance driver, some
outsiders stigmatised me and people were scared of coming near me. But I never hesitated to continue my job and carried COVID patients in the ambulance.”

“I feel more than happy to help the leprosy-affected people who got COVID positive and drop them to their respective places after getting discharged.”

Leprosy has touched many people in Dipak’s life. His parents, his two younger brothers... even his wife, Chitra.

“She is also a leprosy-affected person. We met at Anandaban Hospital during the time of treatment. We liked each other and got married. I have a blessed and happy family now and we have two beautiful daughters. Both of us have a great desire to give our daughters good education. We are so grateful that I got the job in the hospital serving the patients.”

It’s because of your care and compassion that Dipak has his job today.

“I never thought the hospital where I got treatment and became cured of leprosy would be the same place where I would work. Serving the community people and needy people is the great satisfactory and delighted part of my life.”

Thank you for showing God’s love to leprosy-affected people like Dipak, just as Jesus did.

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